Spring is the season of beautiful nature-inspired scenes, transition, and rejuvenation, and it can be the perfect backdrop for a spring celebration. 

While summer weddings tend to be popular, before setting a date, remember that spring weddings can include attractive prices for venues, vendors, caterers, moderate temperatures, and unique floral decorations. Planned correctly, a spring wedding can be an unforgettable experience. As wedding event planners, we have tons of experience organizing weddings in each season, and here are some reasons why you and your partner should keep the magic of spring in mind when planning your special day!

Floral Decor

Spring is renowned for its gorgeous, blossoming flora, one of the most popular decorative elements for any wedding. With an abundance of flowers like peonies, eucalyptus, and dahlias, springtime is a serendipitous season for couples interested in floral decor. The beauty of spring flowers can even be added to your wedding party’s outfits and incorporated into the overall theme of your celebration: the aisle, the tablescapes, and the room design. Spring offers unique opportunities to incorporate nature themes into all of your wedding decor. 

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Ideal Temperatures

Springtime temperatures tend to be perfect for weddings, but this may depend on your wedding location. Boston (and New England) come alive in the spring! There’s a palpable energy and smile on everyone’s face when the flowers bloom, and the sun shines.

There’s a significant advantage to hosting your wedding in moderate, springtime weather. Indoor/outdoor weddings with tents or fully outdoors are possible in a spring climate. Whether a spring wedding or any time of year, if you prefer to be outdoors, remember to have a backup plan in case of rain!  

Beautiful Pastel Color Palettes 

Pastel colors are a cornerstone of spring weddings; muted tones symbolize the transition between winter and summer. Your wedding party can wear outfits ranging from soft, subtle shades to something brighter, alive with the colors of the season!

Budget & Guest Opportunities

There are potential cost savings when planning a spring wedding; many venues offer winter rates well into April if couples book as early as possible.  Most people plan their family vacations for the summer, so spring weddings can help avoid timing conflicts, and daylight Savings Time will give you more time to work with when planning outdoor wedding festivities! 

Spring Weddings – New Beginnings

Spring can hold a lot of meaning for couples interested in a symbolic marriage. Spring symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings, a perfect combination for people starting a new life together. When you’re about to step into the next chapter of your life with the person you love, hosting your wedding in the season of renewal is a fantastic way to begin! 

Are you interested in a spring wedding? Contact us to talk to one of our experienced Boston wedding planners to learn more about ideal Boston wedding venues for spring!

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