Take a moment to picture it: warm weather, beachside activities, and light and airy color palettes; these are all characteristics of the quintessential summer wedding. When you don’t have to prepare for cooler temperatures or unpredictable weather patterns, so many options open up to you. 

As experienced wedding event planners, we’ve put together some of the best reasons to host a summer wedding!  

Outdoor Wedding Venues

When you’re not restricted to indoor venues, you can consider your wedding in a unique outdoor location! How about a beachside wedding on the Cape or a venue in the pristine countryside of the Berkshires?  

Tented weddings work best in warmer climates; you can have the best of both worlds, fully embracing the outdoors while giving your guests a place to shelter from the sun or rain. You’ll find several venues in Boston that provide the perfect setting for a fairytale outdoor wedding. 

Summer Weddings – Breezy, Stylish, and a Fun Dress Code

Often, the dress code for summer weddings is more varied than in weddings that take place in colder months. Couples can choose adaptable outfits that keep everyone cool without worrying about temperature fluctuations. Bridal and wedding party dresses can be short, sleeveless, and airy, while the groomsmen can wear less formal suits. Colors can range from gentle blues to vibrant yellows, mossy greens, or soft blush tones; when it comes to summer weddings, the possibilities are endless. 

Fantastic Weather

Almost nothing beats a beautiful summer day. Warm summer days and cool summer nights are perfect for wedding events. Yes, rain might still occur, and weather can vary based on the location, but an outdoor summer wedding means preparing a backup plan instead of the worry that comes with winter weather travel.

Learn About Some of Our Favorite Boston Wedding Venues That Make the Most of the Outdoors!

Summer Weddings – Guest Availability

Summer tends to be a time of year when your guests have more flexibility. Most summer holidays come with long weekends and, unlike the winter holidays, have fewer family obligations. Think about hosting your wedding around the summer holidays, like the 4th of July; there are so many creative ways to tie together the events for everyone to enjoy!

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