2022 Wedding Trends – How Trendy Does Our Wedding Need to Be?

2022 Wedding Trends

Trends always come and go, and weddings are not immune; certainly, there is a fashion to this trendy business. If you and your partner have been dreaming about your future wedding, the pressure to be on-trend can feel overwhelming – there are myriad choices to make! Many couples ask themselves this question: “Does our wedding […]

Boston-based Wedding Planners – Keeping it Local!

boston-based wedding planners

If you’ve been looking for a Boston-based wedding planner with broad knowledge of the entire Boston area, look no further! Jodi Raphael Events is a team of talented Boston wedding planners ready to help you through every step of the process. With decades of experience, local expertise, and flexible services, we have everything you need […]

Why Hire an Event Planner?

why hire an event planner

Are you celebrating a milestone birthday? Hosting a party for your friend’s engagement? Coordinating that must-be-perfect work function? There is always a good reason to celebrate, and managing the details of that celebration requires event planning. Someone has to take care of logistics. Thankfully, a special event planner is a professional devoted to creating unforgettable […]

What to Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

what to consider when planning a destination wedding

Domestic destination weddings are trending! 2022 expects to see 2.8 million weddings and many of which will be destination weddings and multi-day events at beautiful locations around the country. Boston is an ideal destination-wedding city, and as Massachusetts wedding planners, we’ve noticed a marked increase in recent years of couples traveling to tie the knot […]

Wedding Stress; Avoid it With the Right Planner by Your Side!

wedding stress

It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed before your wedding; there’s been a lot of planning and much anticipation leading up to the big event. Between vendors, guest accommodations, logistical details, and the countless details to manage, wedding planning can quickly become overwhelming. However, there is a solution!. Hiring a wedding planner can significantly reduce wedding […]

Spring Weddings; What Makes them So Magical?

spring weddings

Spring is the season of beautiful nature-inspired scenes, transition, and rejuvenation, and it can be the perfect backdrop for a spring celebration.  While summer weddings tend to be popular, before setting a date, remember that spring weddings can include attractive prices for venues, vendors, caterers, moderate temperatures, and unique floral decorations. Planned correctly, a spring […]

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