Wedding Venue Tips for Those Starting the Search

wedding venue tips

When couples begin planning their wedding, the venue selection is a top priority to check off the list, and quite often, it’s the most difficult decision to make. Even when budget constraints are not a factor, many couples are surprised at where they end up, as expectations vs. reality don’t always align.  We’ve helped hundreds […]

Timeline for Wedding Planning – What Can Couples Expect?

Timeline for Wedding Planning

Planning a dream wedding is a journey that requires meticulous attention to detail and careful decision-making to be memorable and successful. Our job is to guide couples through the dance of choices and decisions that pave the way for the big celebration day. Couples will have a range of timelines, but on average, we work […]

Wedding Menu Ideas – Which Style and Service Is Right For You?

wedding menu ideas

The wedding reception menu represents a couple’s tastes and personality, rather than simply being a hot meal for guests to “get through before the dancing.” Today, there are many more creative culinary options to choose from. Couples can go with the more traditional plated meals route or opt for an alternative dining flow. The rules […]

Are November Weddings The Next Big Thing?

november weddings

November weddings, while traditionally overshadowed by more popular months like May, June, September and October, are now gaining favor among couples seeking a celebration of a different ilk. Spring, summer, and early fall weddings have certainly not lost their allure and are still highly in demand, yet, November has become an ideal month for those […]

A Restaurant Wedding: What to Expect from the Occasion!

The author Virginia Woolf said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” So many memorable meals are had in restaurants, making them a natural choice to celebrate love and union. Restaurants offer a certain vibe, beautiful decor, and an intimate setting, so wedding planners should consider these venues […]

DIY Weddings – What’s Realistic and What’s Not?

Refinishing grandma’s dresser, stenciling your wood floors, knitting a hat for winter, there is no doubt that “DIY” holds a certain appeal. But DIY weddings?  The idea often percolates because couples want a celebration marked by their own personal touches and without the expense of paid assistance. Armed with a checklist and a constellation of […]

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