With so many decisions to consider for your special day, wedding planning can, no doubt, be stressful. You might be overwhelmed by all the tasks you must complete before the big day. Questions, large and small, run through your mind: What caterer should you call? What flowers best suit the room? Will your vendors come through the way they promise? How much should you spend? If you’ve never been involved in the wedding planning process before, it’s a lot to take in. 

To ensure the planning process goes smoothly and that your special day is worry-free, we’ve compiled a list of wedding planning tips from Boston’s wedding planning pros!

Wedding Planning Tips – Set a Budget

While planning your wedding, you’ll want to gather a solid sense of budget while, at the same time, allowing for some financial wiggle room as unexpected expenses always arise. Stick to a rather strict budget for some aspects of your wedding, like entertainment or catering, while affording yourself more flexibility in others. For example, decor costs can vary widely, as can the cost of other wedding-related events that take place throughout the weekend. Think about what’s important to you and prioritize your budget accordingly.

Wedding Planning Tips – Consider Help With Your Guest List

Creating a guest list might be one of the most anxiety-inducing parts of the wedding planning process. Deciding who to invite isn’t easy and finalizing your list is even harder. Be sure to look it over several times and ensure you’re certain about your guest list; then run the list by a third party, like a wedding planner. A wedding planner can help you and your partner cull down the list without bringing in any preconceived notions or biases. 

Don’t Get Stuck on One Venue

Your wedding day may be something you’ve dreamed of for years, and you may have a specific vision in mind. The wedding venue is no doubt an important part of that image. Whether you’re set on saying your vows on the beach or in a cathedral, don’t get too attached to one venue, especially if it’s a popular wedding location and the wedding is set for a busy time of year. You’ll want to be prepared for fully-booked locations that are simply unavailable. Creating a list of several potential venues or some flexibility on your date can help prevent being blindsided by a venue rejection. 

It can seem like there are endless stressors while planning your wedding day. Working with a professional Boston wedding planner can lessen the burdens of setting up all the small details of your wedding, giving you the time and freedom to enjoy your engagement. 

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