I think we all can agree that weddings, whether large or small, a formal wedding or one that is more casual, are events we all enjoy. They signal the formal joining of two people in love, a big life moment for the couple, and joy to witness as a guest. 

Most couples choose to have their weddings when the weather is pleasant, and it is possible to host it outside. According to a 2019 study by The Knot, 53% of weddings in the United States are held outdoors. And since the onset of COVID, outdoor weddings have become even more popular. While many couples may prefer outdoor weddings, they carry inclement weather risks. Rain on someone’s wedding day might be ironic (sorry for the pun ;), but it can also put a literal damper on the event. The solution? A white tent wedding.

There are several advantages to a white tent wedding and some specific logistics to consider. In addition to giving couples more flexibility in size and guest count, a white tent wedding is usually catered. Hiring a caterer means the menu can be custom curated for the bride and groom. Additionally, the entire tent can be floored to give a feeling of more structure, or a dance floor can be assembled. Generators can be brought in to accommodate lighting and the band, and the entire event can be temperature controlled within the tent.  

Working with a wedding planner makes every aspect of your wedding much easier to navigate and implement, particularly true if you are considering a white tent wedding. Let’s discuss some logistics involved with planning a white tent wedding.

White Tent Weddings – The Tent Options

If you’re unfamiliar with large party tents, there are three main types you’ll be considering: frame tents, pole tents, and marquee tents. 

Frame tents are the most versatile and utilize a metal frame structure, eliminating the need for support poles. They can also be deployed on any outdoor surface. 

Pole tents are supported by poles placed intermittently underneath the tent. You can spruce up the poles by adorning them with tent wedding decorations. However, pole tents need to be placed on the grass. 

Marquee tents are a hybrid of the frame tent and the pole tent but are typically smaller. A metal frame holds up marquee tents while featuring a peaked center like that of a pole tent. Marquee tents can be used on most outdoor surfaces. 

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Why a Wedding Planner is Important

We highly recommend hiring an experienced Massachusetts wedding planner if you’re thinking of hosting a white tent wedding. Wedding planners are well-versed with tent vendors, options, features, decor, and most importantly, what types of tents work best for your wedding needs.

An experienced wedding planner will tell you which companies offer certain tents at various price points and which tent companies are reputable to work with. Wouldn’t you rather focus on enjoying your wedding instead of spending time comparing tent rental rates? 

If you need a Boston wedding planner, contact us at Jodi Raphael Events. We’d love to help you create an enchanted white tent wedding.

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