The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the wedding industry; it is not the first time we’ve touched on this topic, and it will likely not be the last. Weddings planned for 2020 and early 2021 have had to pivot multiple times, including cutting down in size, scope and ultimately, many couples chose to move their wedding dates altogether.    

With social distancing, hosting a wedding at full capacity became unsafe and nearly impossible last year. Now that some restrictions have changed, wedding planners are experiencing a surge of pent-up demand! 

weddings in 2021

As experienced Boston wedding planners, we know how to adjust to whatever unforeseen challenges the world throws at us. We wanted to take a moment and share some of our insights for the rest of 2021, 2022, and beyond!

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Weddings in 2021 – Where Do We Begin?

Weddings originally planned for 2020 were often postponed or became more intimate, micro-events. Those that delayed their weddings and those who decided to marry but still looked forward to a second larger celebration, sought dates throughout 2021. The date changes, venue moving, replanning, and rescheduling of every detail meant that  2021 saw a rise in wedding planning. And since 2020 did not mark the end of the pandemic, 2021 brides and grooms are experiencing many of the same COVID-related concerns. 

All that postponing of dates means that wedding venues, caterers, photographers, and even bands, are booked up faster than ever, and it’s challenging to secure some of the most sought-after wedding talent.  

weddings in 2021

Weddings in 2022 and Beyond

The increase in demand we’re experiencing means many Massachusetts wedding planners have continued to push wedding plans out as far as 2023. As a result, couples looking to book the hot venues during the most desirable times of year will be facing a supply challenge.  Boston and Greater New England have always been desirable for wedding venues and dates, but as of the latter half of 2021, it’s been competitive in ways that we’ve not experienced before now. 

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Our Recommendations 

Do not lose hope! Think outside the box!

  • Is a weekday wedding possible? We’ve been scheduling many Thursday and Friday weddings for couples who do not wish to wait any longer!
  • Unique venues can offer everything you need without having to compete for dates. Restaurants and even some office building lobbies can be beautiful settings for a wedding.
  • Consider what many couples did last year: enjoy a private ceremony now and look ahead to a larger celebration when you can renew your vows.

Wedding Planners – Ahead of the Curb

While ensuring couples get everything they hope for is always a priority, wedding event planners must also be realistic, comfortable with what is possible to deliver during the ever-changing climate. We are delighted to see couples getting married again, but we recommend enlisting our help well ahead of time if your wedding day is to go as planned.

The earlier we start the planning process, the faster you’ll get a date set in place! We want to make sure that your special day becomes everything you dreamed of — so please don’t delay!

Ready to get started on your journey towards a beautiful wedding day? Give us a call!

weddings in 2021

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