When clients ask what it is we do, they may be familiar with event planning, wedding planning, event design, even event coordination. Regardless of what you call it, our talented staff performs all of these functions and more. 

Most people think of event planners, also known as event coordinators or event specialists, as professional party planners. The job sounds fun, and it definitely can be. But in reality, it’s serious work; a lot more goes into an event planner’s job than one might initially think.

What Does an Event Planner Do?

As event planners in Boston, our team is responsible for organizing and coordinating meetings and special events, such as ceremonies, milestone celebrations, parties of all kinds, weddings, corporate gatherings, and fundraisers. This planning  involves:

  • Meeting with clients to gain an understanding of what they hope to achieve
  • Planning the event– including cost, time, location, venue and vendor selection, timeline, and program
  • Conferring with on-site staff to communicate details
  • Coordination of all vendors for seamless execution
  • Monitoring event activities to ensure the client and event guests are thrilled with the results

Everything from helping select the location and date to guest accommodations to transportation to decor all fall within the purview of an event planner. We hear our client’s vision, arrange every detail, and ensure the event meets or surpasses their expectations. We are the first to arrive on scene and don’t leave until the last vendor departs.

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What Skills Do Special Event Planners Have?

Event planners need skills that are both social and organizational. It’s important to operate in a highly structured manner paying close attention to even the smallest detail. Our planners are great communicators, managers, and problem solvers with a creative approach to every event they plan. But all of those skills cannot come at the expense of the human touch, an honest understanding of each client, and the drive to make their event one that is memorable for all who attend.

If you are looking to hire an event planner for your wedding, look for one with these practical and interpersonal skills along with years of experience in planning events (someone who has seen it all!), has connections throughout the industry, and is respected among her peers.

Why Do I Need an Event Planner?

Enlisting the help of professionals who have these skills, along with experience in the industry and a cadre of professionals with whom they work, is a sure way to turn your vision for your event into reality. This means that event planners can easily negotiate the best rates, discounts, and terms of service on your behalf while coordinating every aspect of your event.  They create a timeline for execution and oversee each detail. Inevitably, the unexpected happens, something out of everyone’s control — from a split seam to inclement weather — event planners embrace these challenges with ease and grace so that brides and grooms can enjoy their day without a care.

If you value your peace of mind and want to enjoy your event with as little stress as possible, an event planner is the right solution for you.

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How do Event Planners Keep Budgets on Track?

Event planners are meticulous about recording every detail of the budget using spreadsheets that are constantly monitored and updated. Event planners know how to prioritize spending and have learned the importance of setting aside a portion of the budget to cater to any potential emergencies that could pop up.

How Early Do We Need to Start Planning an Event?

As soon as possible! The more time you have to plan your event, the more options will be open to you.  Highly sought-after venues and reputable vendors may be booked well in advance, and so we suggest talking to an event planner from the very start. She can help you navigate date and venue selection and choose the vendors that are just right for the type of event you hope to create.

If you’re beginning to plan an important event, connect with us! We’re happy to answer any questions in regards to our event planning services. 

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