Domestic destination weddings are trending! 2022 expects to see 2.8 million weddings and many of which will be destination weddings and multi-day events at beautiful locations around the country. Boston is an ideal destination-wedding city, and as Massachusetts wedding planners, we’ve noticed a marked increase in recent years of couples traveling to tie the knot in Beantown! We’ve curated a list of considerations when planning a destination wedding, whether in Boston or abroad.

Budgets For All Parties 

There are several ways to plan a destination wedding so it falls within your budget and the budget of your guests. Setting your budget is one of the first steps in wedding planning, and determining that budget before researching destination options is highly advisable. 

There are several cost considerations to keep in mind when budgeting for your destination wedding:

  • Trip plans
  • Events at the destination
  • Rates for the time of year
  • Accommodations to fit all budgets
  • Transporting your wedding attire safely
  • Transportation options for your guests

Remeber, group discounts are commonly available for travel accommodations, so keep that in mind as you plan your budget. 

What to Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding – The Weather

Desirable weather plays a large role in choosing the time of year and location for your destination wedding. Consequently, if your location is a popular vacation spot during certain months of the year, you may be planning your big day during the high tourist season. Securing room blocks and venue spaces as far in advance will help alleviate stress as you plan.

Legal Requirements

Marriage requirements differ from state to state. For example, some states have residency requirements while others have witness requirements, and all states have specific legal document requirements. Make sure you research your wedding destination’s state marriage requirements.

Guests’ Experiences 

Wedding guests often have to spend a significant amount of money traveling to a destination wedding, so make sure your guests feel connected, appreciated, and welcomed! 

Some thoughts to keep in mind:

  • Travel: finding and recommending a travel agent can help your guests plan more easily.
  • Extra dinners or gatherings: hosting a cocktail party, an additional dinner, or a fun event during the wedding weekend can help guests feel appreciated and welcome! 
  • Rehearsal dinner: invite everyone for drinks and dessert, so no one feels left out
  • Wedding website: keep your wedding website updated with details and links.

What to Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding – Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be daunting, especially without the aid of a professional! All of the details can make it an amazing experience, but it can be stressful at the same time. Wedding planners alleviate that stress, using their experience and connections to cover all the details. They communicate between vendors, help you stay within a budget, and offer advice and support when challenges arise. 

Planning a destination wedding has unique circumstances and logistics; it’s very different from planning a wedding close to home. You want an expert. Make sure you choose a wedding planner with a destination wedding experience to help you plan your dream wedding!

According to, Boston is one of the best destination wedding cities in the US, with some of the greatest wedding venues in the Northeast! With decades of event planning experience in Boston, we would love to help you plan your wedding in our beautiful, historic city! 

Contact Jodi Raphael Events today to learn more about how we can assist you with your Boston destination wedding! As premier Boston wedding planners, we will help you plan a wonderful Boston-based destination wedding.

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