A Mixed-Faith Wedding Ceremony – What You Should Know

mixed-faith wedding

Marriage takes two lives and intertwines them in almost every way imaginable, including religion. It is not uncommon for people from different faiths to fall in love and decide to get married. Planning a wedding involves family, faith, and honoring customs. When two people from differing religious faiths decide to get married, it is a […]

Wedding Planning Tips – Suggestions from the Pros!

wedding planning tips

With so many decisions to consider for your special day, wedding planning can, no doubt, be stressful. You might be overwhelmed by all the tasks you must complete before the big day. Questions, large and small, run through your mind: What caterer should you call? What flowers best suit the room? Will your vendors come […]

A White Tent Wedding: What is Involved?

white tent wedding

I think we all can agree that weddings, whether large or small, a formal wedding or one that is more casual, are events we all enjoy. They signal the formal joining of two people in love, a big life moment for the couple, and joy to witness as a guest.  Most couples choose to have […]

A Boston Public Library Wedding – Is It Possible?

boston public library wedding

If you’re looking for an elegant, sophisticated, and unique venue to host your wedding, you’ll find it all and more at the Boston Public Library. This venue, located in the center of the city, is rich with history as characterized by its Renaissance-style architecture. As you walk through the library as newlyweds, you’ll gaze upon […]

Boston Wedding Ideas – Something Unique for Everyone!

boston wedding ideas

Choosing a wedding venue can be overwhelming, especially if you live in a big city. There are seemingly endless options for venues and vendors. If you’re thinking about having a Boston wedding, you should certainly consider hiring a Boston wedding planner to help curate your list of options and manage the event. However, even before […]

Cape Cod Weddings – A One of A Kind Experience

cape cod weddings

Classic seaside charm, the smell of salt air coming off the water, and the Atlantic Ocean stretching out endlessly before you – all are characteristics of a summer Cape Cod wedding. The popularity of beach-side weddings has skyrocketed in recent years, as more couples have gravitated towards venues with natural beauty to behold.  If you’re […]

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